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Design and develop custom mobile application for IOS and Android platforms. Our mobile app developers have expertise to create mobile applications.

We have a core team of UI/UX designers, mobile app developers, and quality analysts to deliver strategically designed and creatively crafted mobile application development services to take your business to the next level.

Mobile Apps give your business most visibility that extends beyond the Internet and literally into your customers' pockets.

Key Service Offerings:

Android Application Development

Android Apps Development

IOS App Development

IOS Apps Development

React Native Development

React Native Development

Flutter App Development

Flutter Development

We build native and hybrid mobile apps for Android and IOS platforms.

Our approach combines the best of Usability design and the right selection of the technology stack. These are identified based on a detailed analysis of the end user behavior, business requirements and most importantly the objectives that the app needs to fulfill.

Android Application Development:

Design and develop custom mobile application for IOS and Android platforms. Our mobile app developers have expertise to create mobile applications.

We can help you gain access to all of these potential customers through Android application development. We can also make sure that you can leverage the various advantages of the Android platform for your business. Some of the various advantages that you can enjoy are given below.

  • High Returns on Investment High Returns on Investment (ROI)
  • Open Source Open Source
  • High Returns on Investment The Ease of Integration and Customization
Andriod Application Development

High Returns on Investment:

Compared to other mobile operating systems, Android possesses a lower barrier of entry. You do not need to make a significantly large investment to start developing an android app for your business. Since the SDK is available for free, the development costs are kept low.

Open Source:

The open source feature of Android can be very advantageous. You can not only get the best frameworks at your disposal but you are paying very little in the way of licensing and royalty. Moreover, the open source feature has allowed a thriving community to be developed around Android. As such, you can gain tremendous benefits from the community during development of your mobile app.

The Ease of Integration and Customization:

Android is a very powerful platform. You can easily opt for complicated technical integration and customization with an Android app making this operating system the perfect solution for your business. Android is inherently a very customizable platform and you can therefore tweak your app in any way you want.

Iphone Application Development

IPhone Application Development:

The iPhone is considered by many to be among the most popular mobile devices available in the market currently. Developed by the tech giant Apple, the iPhone runs on the IOS mobile operating system. The demand for this operating system and mobile device has remained high on a consistent basis. As such, you may find some major benefits if you develop an app for this operating system and device.

That is where we come in. We can make it possible for your business to leverage the best features and advantages that IOS can provide with the help of our dedicated iPhone application development process. Some of the various advantages that you can enjoy are given below.

Higher Quality

Higher Quality





Higher Quality:

One of the most important features of the IOS platform is the strict standards that have to be followed. However, that is a good thing as the stricter standards ensure that the apps being published for the iPhone and related devices are of a higher quality. We can make the most of this situation as we make sure that the app we develop for you are of the highest quality possible. More importantly, your business can benefit from the higher quality of your app as the quality can impress your customers.


The IOS platform is incredibly powerful. It allows you access to a range of functions that you may not find readily elsewhere. Moreover, with the IOS platform, it becomes possible to use a variety of solutions for your business needs. Depending on your requirements, we can leverage the flexibility of the IOS platform to develop the best app solution for your business.


Security and safety are important characteristics of the IOS platform. Therefore, an IOS app is often preferred by customers. Moreover, your app has a higher chance of being free from security issues when it has been developed for the IOS platform.

Go-Mobile superfast with accelerated React Native Development process

Developing scalable and portable apps quickly require robust software development framework. And, React native is one such framework that allows benefits like code sharing & reuse, hot loading, synchronous APIs, and easy use of Native codes. Developing apps for major platforms like iOS and Android using React Native is instant, as it allows to use the same code. This enables shorter development timeline as well as faster deployment.

Upgrade your current iOS & Android apps using React Native

Our React Native app development process help such companies with app upgrades or modernization to achieve their business objectives. Whether it is to reuse the shared code or completely write new JavaScript & React Native, we can help you expedite the development process. With modernized React Native apps, companies can have best user experience and improve business performance and outcome.

Flutter - Cross Platform App Development

Global Data Solutions (GDS) offers cross platform app development services across the platforms and all verticals. GDS provide complete end-to-end cross platform app development services for mission-critical mobile applications demanding superior performance.

GDS has been working in providing world class cross platform services such as Flutter. With our continuous focus in skills, resources and infrastructure, we boast to have created some of the best mobile applications.

Flutter Cross Platform App Development