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  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Insurance
  • Telecommunications
  • Life Sciences & Healthcare
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Retail & Consumer Goods
  • Government-Federal, State & Local
  • Auto & Manufacturing

Banking And Financial Services

Global Data Solutions Inc. (GDS) provides consulting and IT-based services and solutions to customers. We offer a comprehensive set of solutions to banks and financial industries through our unique three-dimensional model, which encompasses technological services, enterprise solutions, and industry-specific solutions. We have worked with many banking, mortgage and financial consulting providers. GDS is the partner you can trust to help you complete projects in time , within budget and uncompromised quality.

Our team comprises of professionals who have a deep knowledge of the industry and the technologies required to give enterprises the competitive edge. GDS has the ability and can work with leading software companies in the areas of business process management, cash management, online customer self-service, enterprise content management, and banking and payment technologies, providing the entire range of services from product conceptualization to implementation right through to customer implementation and support. GDS deep domain knowledge, experience in Banking & Financial Services and technology provides unique advantage to cross-leverage skills and best practices.

GDS is involved in following activities but not limited to:

  • Retail & Commercial Banking
  • Consumer Lending
  • Credit Cards
  • Investment Management
  • Investment Banking
  • Market Data & Research
  • Stock Exchanges
  • Settlement & Clearing
  • Transaction Processing
  • Insurance

Energy & Utilities

A few years ago, information technology was not considered important to the energy industry. That has changed for the most advanced companies in the field and is rapidly changing for others. Global Data Solutions Inc. (GDS) has proven ability and domain knowledge in Energy & Utilities. GDS can provide the energy industry with reliable, compatible and user-friendly IT solutions. Combined with advanced technology, GDS is in a position to determine and deliver innovative, sustainable and cost-effective solutions to global clients in their product development challenges.

We have several professional engineers-many of whom are acknowledged experts in their individual disciplines to help clients realize exceptional and successful projects in non-core functions across all markets.

We enable clients to:

  • Accelerate revenue growth and enhance portfolio management
  • Align business processes with strategic vision
  • Increase flexibility in global business
  • Reduce operating costs and improve operational efficiencies
  • Maximize the return and benefit from their existing IT landscape
  • Improve customer satisfaction and retention
  • Reduce time and cost to market
  • Enhance process tracking and monitoring with a rich analytic dashboard
  • Adhere to regulatory and environmental norms


Global Data Solutions Inc. (GDS) has successfully delivered complex transformational projects to Insurance firms, which uniquely positions us to deliver large, complex and business-critical projects across the value chain. We engage with customers and actively work with them to understand specific challenges and desired business outcomes, leveraging our deep domain expertise and technology capabilities to deliver focused business value.

We bring solution expertise in industry specific areas, including business process re-engineering, rule and product engine configurations, pricing, automation, risk modeling & portfolio management, and business transformation in the areas of claims, underwriting, and distribution management. We help clients increase customer and agency retention by improving their experiences, enabling multiple self-service channels while simultaneously driving down costs.

Our expertise covers Life, Annuities, Health, Property and Casualty and Reinsurance. We partner with clients to provide customized solutions for every facet of the industry.

Offerings include:

  • IT-enabled services application development, including re-engineering; migration; application consolidation; systems integration; infrastructure and storage services; business process outsourcing services; post-merger integrations
  • Specialized areasolutions,including business process re-engineering; rule and product engine configurations/customizations; pricing sophistication; automated underwriting; risk modeling and portfolio management; and business transformation in the areas of claims, underwriting,distribution management, etc.
  • Regulatory compliance expertise
  • Improved speed-to-market for new products and services


As the telecommunications industry transitions from simple connectivity services to mobile, data, and content delivery services over networks, they face innumerable network vulnerability, regulatory, globalization, and competitive issues. Global Data Solutions Inc. (GDS) has always been at the forefront in providing innovative solutions for the Communications industry.

As an IT service provider, GDS with a strong base in Telecommunications services is driven by innovation and thought leadership. With our proven, comprehensive suite of solutions for in the critical areas of consulting, technology, advanced development methodologies and cost-effective delivery locations, we partner with communication providers to maximize assets, unleash growth, and transform to succeed. GDS has expertise in designing solutions for wireless, wire line, ISP, and broadband content providers.

Our Telecom practice offers a wide range of solutions that encompass strategic business and technology consulting, systems integration for enterprises, application management, and network support systems. Our solutions help clients maximize ROI, minimize costs, deliver superior customer service, and accelerated time to market of new services. Our services include planning, provisioning and activation systems integration, performance management and fault management.

We enable client TSPs to manage and maintain diverse systems and applications across various functions/departments. We allow them to achieve seamless business process integration among various disparate application systems. Our services range from systems and process analysis, integration strategy, solution architecture, systems design, development and migration to functional and stress testing.

We help clients improve customer service, bring new products to market, eliminate cost inefficiencies and conform to new regulations through our Business Process Management services such as business process optimization, re-engineering and audit. We also provide network centric security services and solutions across an enterprise.

Life Sciences & Healthcare

The Life Sciences & Healthcare industry is constantly facing pressure from quality failures, increased competition, shorter market cycles, weak drug pipelines, drug patent expirations, increasing regulatory compliance requirements, and rising Research & Development costs. In addition to this, growing volumes of data, unstructured data storage and repositories, technology redundancy, and volatility in compliance requirements compound these challenges.

By effectively leveraging IT and by making appropriate IT investments, Life Sciences & Healthcare organizations can compete in this highly volatile environment and subsequently reduce costs, improve quality, meet stringent FDA & other industry compliance requirements and increase revenue.

Global Data Solutions Inc. (GDS) partners with companies within the life sciences & healthcare industry on critical technology initiatives to help them respond to the market demands of today and opportunities of tomorrow, addressing the areas of Research & Development, supply chain, sales and marketing and compliance.

GDS provides specialized services that address the growing information technology needs of Life Sciences & Healthcare organizations, with the primary aim of making them more agile, efficient and competitive.

GDS can offer solutions and services to enable you to deliver customer satisfaction while enhancing profitability. Our array of services customized across the payer and provider sectors ensure enhanced brand value and efficient functioning. We also provide seamless integrated solutions across the industry. Our products are backed by our commitment and extensive experience in the healthcare industry across the years.

GDS has the expertise to address challenges facing Life Sciences & Healthcare organizations by combining domain skills with deep technical expertise and an industry-leading global delivery model to offer clients the competitive edge.

GDS will help you identify and realize goals, which may include but are not limited to:

  • More accurate diagnostics
  • Targeted medicines
  • Faster, more time and cost-effective clinical care

Our solutions reduce operating costs, advance the quality of care, and promote public health with an emphasis on electronic medical records (EMR), health information exchange (HIE), quality initiatives and operational efficiency improvements.

Media & Entertainment

Media, Information & Entertainment (MI&E) industry is experiencing a rapid shift into digital content and multi-channel distribution models, as a result of technological advances and convergence of telecom, online, interactive media, & internet. MI&E businesses want to augment content value and provide superior services at a faster speed and lower cost. Global Data Solutions Inc. (GDS) is uniquely positioned to enable MI&E organizations address these changing imperatives, meet business challenges with a range of innovative services and realize an enhanced return-on-content investment.

GDS partners with media and entertainment companies to achieve strategic imperatives that will drive their future success, enabling them to serve the global marketplace, focus on understanding and serving customers while strengthening the ability of their brands to draw audience attention and maintain loyalty, establish new paradigms for content creation, embracing user-created and regional content and ensure infrastructure to support tomorrow's operations.

We provide end-to-end content value and chain solutions and services for the media industry. We combine our knowledge of the publishing industry with our strengths in technology and building IT systems that provide a digital publishing platform, a complete solution framework that covers the entire digital publishing value chain.

GDS provides:

  • Expert business analysis services to produce information architectures and Business Process Visualization to align process and functional requirements
  • Leveraging latest technologies, industry-standard processes, innovative tools and frameworks to power MI&E firm's business models for business transformation
  • Ensuring efficient utilization of digital assets across the organization using Digital Asset Management to manage content across multiple projects and multiple users
  • Protecting enterprise and personal data using our expertise in digital asset and rights management, resulting in optimum information protection
  • Rationalizing back-office systems and content sources to leverage existing assets and processes and maximize returns

Retail & Consumer Goods

The retail & consumer goods industry have always been characterized by efficient operations, competitive pressures, low industry margins and the ability to react to customer desires. Today's retailers face both- an unprecedented set of challenges and opportunities. Companies are dealing with declining economies, fluctuations in the number of goods sold and an increasing demand for sustainable business practices. Retailers across the board face constant challenges to effectively manage inventory, personnel and per-store profitability. Access, analysis and integration of real-time point-of-sale (inventory, pricing, shipment, etc.) information -is a critical for the success in the retail market.

Global Data Solutions Inc. (GDS) provides customized support and enables retailers to transform existing processes and systems across the retail value chain for reaping new efficiencies. GDS has the expertise and industry knowledge to help you benchmark sales and marketing capabilities and define a strategy that makes sense. Our team provides the experience and insight needed to define a strategy that is both executable and differentiated.

We combine business expertise with state-of-the-art technology to create customized industry- leading retail solutions to complex supply chain management, merchandising, eCommerce and store- management issues. We provide expertise in strategic planning, package implementation, and application development and maintenance. Our consulting services include strategy, business/IT alignment, packages, requirements management and process consulting. Our customized solutions cover key capabilities in supply-chain management, merchandising, store marketing and e-Commerce.

Government-Federal, State & Local

Global Data Solutions Inc. (GDS) has the ability to bid on government projects since we are minority based small business firm.

GDS partners with government clients to improve efficiency of operations and bring innovation to strategic planning through a combination of government sector experience, technology expertise and on-site local consultants who understand client cultures and local realities.

With the experience to maneuver through the often complex processes of government agencies, GDS provides the leadership team and consultant base to confidently implement the most visible technological projects.

We provide the planning, strategic thinking and support needed to optimize programs and back-office operations, responding to current and emerging priorities and delivering results while protecting service integrity and sensitive data.

Our IT and Software services support client requirements across the software development life cycle - from IT strategy and requirements engineering to application development, integration, re-engineering and support across technologies.

Services include:

  • Software Application Development
  • Technology Re-engineering
  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Data Warehousing (DW) and Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Application Maintenance

Auto & Manufacturing

A higher demand for customized products and services in the auto & manufacturing sector is leading to creation of more rationalized designs, greater standardization and modularity across products. Consolidation, globalization and a challenging economy are driving manufacturers to radically transform their supply chains.

Global Data Solutions Inc. (GDS) provide clients with the adaptive strategies, processes and platforms that enhance productivity, streamline procurement, accelerate production and open multiple service channels. GDS provides comprehensive & automotive manufacturing enterprise solutions, directed towards creating a collaborative network to enable you to enhance profitability and deliver customer value. We offer auto & manufacturing framework across the entire manufacturing spectrum, including

Supply Chain Management - Our range of Auto & Manufacturing supply chain management solutions include Master Data Management and Supply Relationship Management. Our Master Data Management solutions help organization to achieve data integrity and increase end to end visibility. We bring a depth and breadth of knowledge and experience in the supply relationship management arena, along with more dedicated sourcing and e-procurement practitioners. We identify benefitting opportunities for manufacturing companies.

Product Life Cycle Management approach combines strategy, organization, processes and technology to help you manage and leverage product data from disparate systems. GDS offers comprehensive solutions across the entire product lifecycle, from conception, through design and manufacture, to service and disposal. GDS enables you to reduce product lifecycle timelines through seamless integration of people, data, processes and business systems.

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) is the key to gaining real-time production visibility, enabling quality and process improvements and fostering effective collaboration between shop floor and enterprise applications. We offer solutions across the discrete, process and batch manufacturing segments to enhance plant operations visibility and improve operational efficiencies.

Our range of services includes:

  • Consulting
  • Opportunity assessment and solution definition
  • Manufacturing Execution System (MES) product evaluation and solution architecting and design
  • Product customization and development
  • Solution roll out and multi-site roll out
  • Integration with ERP, supply chain management, PLM and control systems
  • Maintenance and support
  • System upgrade and migration