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Collaborating IT and business benefits marketing, motivating your competitive edge. Customized software application development and maintenance meets your business objectives while reducing the cost of ownership.

Infrastructure Management

For any organizations' IT, infrastructure management is necessary to ensure the adherence to standards, enhance information flow throughout the system and to promote...


Enterprise solutions for computer applications systematize business processes and optimize organizational efficiency thus promoting development. Simplification and automation of processes can be achieved to the greatest extent possible.

Testing QA

Software testing is an important step in the software development life cycle that demands excessive time and effort. Developers are afflicted by the necessity to comply with the standards...

Professional Consulting

GDS employees are IT professionals, who have a strong and detailed understanding of the complexities in technology. Our consultative approach addresses your business goals...

Mobile App

GDS is an acclaimed mobile apps and websites development company. We offer multifaceted technological expertise in iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Android platform...

Web Development

It is simply stating the obvious to say that good web design is crucial to success in a world driven by online marketing, but it cannot be overstated nonetheless. When you own a business...